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So, What happened with the Dual Action Hidden Blade?

Hello,The dual action hidden blade had been pending progress since the past two months.But, I manage to change the design that i called:"Upside Down Dual Action Hidden Blade Mechanism"This new mechanism will allow the hidden blade to be real hidden. you even can use a long sleeved shirt to hide the hidden blade and no [...]

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An Apology

Hello Assassins,I am deeply sorry for unmaintenance of this site and blog for the past months.The reasons are:1. I am struggling with the regulation of Paypal Singapore to complete their requirements of having paypal account for the past 2 months! And even until now I can't access my paypal funds.2. As I can't access my [...]

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Final Status for First Wave of Metal Dual Action Hidden Blade Pre-Order

Hello Pals,I apologise for not giving any updates for the past 2 weeks. I was sick and need some day off from production. And as soon as I recover I continue the production. But that should not be an excuse for me, I know.The second reason is I found out there're some miscalculation of some [...]

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[Progress Update #3] Dual Action Metal Hidden Blade by RyanzeDesign

Hello Assassins,Firstly, I apologize for very slow in giving updates.Secondly, I apologize again for giving you not a good news about mass production progress of dual action hidden blades. In other words, I failed to make it on time to release the blade on January 7th.Everything has reasons, so do I. As you can read [...]

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[Progress Update #2] Dual Action Metal Hidden Blade by RyanzeDesign

Hi Again!Firstly, I apologise for making a long time to update the progress. The CNC maker takes longer time than it should to bring me the CNC machine. But fortunately, it's still on the track as I also spare some time if the machine delayed. So, don't worry, the release date is still on January [...]

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[Progress Update #1] Dual Action Metal Hidden Blade by RyanzeDesign

Hi Guys,First of all, I would like to say thanks for the antusiasm shown in the pre order as pre order unused stock reduced from day to day, and many of them believe in my new store, The Masyaf.As I promised in the beginning of pre order, i will update the progress at least once a [...]

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All Metal Dual Action Asassin's Creed Themed Hidden Blade, anyone?!

Hi all, Welcome to our new quarters, The Masyaf.First of all, I'm Ryan the designer of RyanzeDesign and owner of this website.Short introduction about website: The Masyaf website is your one stop alternative solution for Assassin's Creed fans. Here we will provide you our best quality Assassin's Creed related products those are not even being [...]

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Pre Order Begins. Grab your chance to buy All Metal Dual Action Hidden Blade in half price!

Hi Guys!I've started the pre order. I start the pre order both on this website and on Ebay.What's the differences of the two places to pre order? Here they are:ComparisonsEbay [...]

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My Design for All Metal Dual Action Hidden Blades

Hi Guys,Take a look at my design. It's not a final design but really close to this.What do you think?I am going to pre order and give a special offer for you who put a pre order on this design.So, stay tune!

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