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A New Beginning. An Explanation of what has happened in the past 5 months.


Hi, I made a new channel in Youtube to help me Blog in here too.

In the first video I'll explain why the past 5 months I got problem with dual action hidden blade shipments. Here's the video:


Because the video is quite long, maybe some of you don't want to watch it, i will wrote some of its points here:

"so, what's up with making a new channel? i already have joseonclothing channel. actually joseonclothing is also my google account that connected to all google services include youtube. i use gmail for my clothing brand in indonesia, while i also start selling on ebay in 2014 using the same id. so that's why i make a new channel because the old channel actually not correlated well from what will i upload in the future.

this channel is actually kind of vlog from me as the owner of themasyaf.com. i try to be more open and closer to the customers worldwide. many problems that i experienced in the past some months that i couldn't only write but also need to prove, hopefully this way, the vlog way, will help me to explain what happened with themasyaf in past some months.

I myself, actually don't like to be in front of camera, i like to be anonym or behind camera. working like the products matter more than the maker. but again, i need to gain your, my customers, trust. this channel will be run like a production vlog and maybe like giveaway channel.


So i will explain my best in themasyaf.com/blog writtenly and maybe some in this very first video. okay, in this video besides i explain about this new channel, i also want to tell you some story or chronology about what happened in the past 5 months, or even in the past one and a half year. before that i would like to tell you that i already started selling in ebay since 2014, since that i already sold my custom made / handmade hidden blade (the single action ones) with its vambrace more than 1000 units internationally. it's a very impressive sales that i myself never expected before. it just past waaaay my expectation about selling my products globally. before i sell them in ebay, i already sold them in domestic market more than 300 units. because it well accepted in domestic, i tried my luck in ebay in 2014 and it's a great success.

since that, many ask me to make dual action hidden blades and sell them in ebay, even they are ready to spend hundreds or even thousand of dollar to get a dual action hidden blade. i myself know that in the youtube already some men make a great dual action hidden blade. they are ammnra the first one, then there is imdeepainreborn who emperfect the dual action mechanism, and also rawicee511 with his custom dual action hidden blades. i maybe not as good as them, even in my opinion imdeepainreborn has the best skill in this dual action hidden blades industries. he could make the slimmest hidden blade with fully reliable dual action mechanism. i give credit to imdeepain. i even try to copy his idea to my design, i make it work but never as good as his, i mean the gear mechanism and imdeepain wheel. actually imdeepain wheel is the same idea as freewheel that used in bicycle. when you pedal forward, the rear wheel will follow, but when you pedal backward, the rear wheel will not follow. as simple as that, but he implemented it very well.


with that said, i already tried to design my own dual action hidden blade back in 2015 with my 3d printer, and start to offer my current customer on ebay to pre order from me, i will try to make my own aluminum dual action hidden blade. yes aluminum, not plastic. in the end of 2015 i start the selling and maintain around 20 units sales. unfortunately, there's a force majeur, my dad had a heart attack and i can't continue the production. i ended up refund all the purchase because i got a deep shock that my dad finally dead. well that was some story in first quarter of 2016. i then don't do dual action hidden blades things anymore. i quit from making new things.i just live my life with my clothing line and single action hidden blade selling in ebay.

just before 2016 christmas, around october to november last year, i got so many messages to start making dual action hidden blades. well, i think it give me some motivation. i start to relive my CNC machine, and start working on new prototypes of dual action hidden blade. it's a good things everything run well, and i offer my exsiting customers about pre orderring (it's like season 2) the dual action hidden blade back in december 2016. it's really amazing that more than 40 custormers pre order it. i was like really motivated to get it done. 

to get this done better, i need a new CNC machine, because the old CNC machines tends to make inaccurate and not precise parts. as you know, engineering a hidden blades need very precision parts with milimeters tolerance. so i look for a new CNC supplier and finally got a good deal. They told me about the new CNC machine that they can make it in 2 weeks. after i look at my shipping schedule, i know that it really was narrow. i make sure them to make it in 2 weeks because i need to ship my product before christmas, they said yes.

and also they asking me what happened with my old cnc machine, and i told them the problems, then they said they could repair it and tune it up only in 2 days. just bring the machine there and they will repair it, IN 2 days! i amazed and without long consideration, i give my old machine to them to be repaired.

so with that said, i will have my old machine back in a good condition in the second week of dec 2016, and also get the new machine to boost my production speed in third week of dec 2016. it sound like a good plan right? so that i could ship the product before christmas. perfect!

guess what? it's the worst decision i made in the last month of 2016. the supplier ended up not a good time keeper. they missed all the schedule. the new machine is not ready as there's missing spareparts. and the old machine they said have many problems that couldn't solved fast. damn! i am so stressed. they even missed the new year shcedule. even they missed again january 2017 schedule. up until feb 2017 i got no machine, even i got no old machine repaired. i started to feel depressed and offer my customers a full refund or a discount if they would like to wait. they said both machine will be finished before march 2017 comes. wow, it had been 2 months late and i need to wait until the end of feb. i have no choice, some of my customers has asked refund and some stay wait for my progress. to be honest, it's zero progress on jan - feb as i got no cnc machines to work with.

in the end of the feb, i go new machine from them, i was feeling relieved because at least i have something to work with. and the suffering wasn't end yet. it's a failure machine. it even worse than my old machine before i repair it to them. the new machine is pure garbage, look at the results. it's wavy because the machine is not stiff , the framwork of the machine is poorly constructed and it sway alot while milling. it's so stressful. they offer to make a new machine for me. and that means i need to wait more. march 2017 i got no new machine while the last machine they sent to me is pure garbage, i can't make precise parts with it.

the last week of april they come to me with my old machine repaired. it's not a new machine, just my old machine repaired. i test it and still it has some problems. the first week of may 2017 i spent on repair it myself. i repair my old cnc machine. and in the early second week of may i got my cnc machine work well again. i spent no time but start production. and i post the video in my other channel. it's a success. 

and i will start shipping in tomorrow. for those who have wait patiently all this long. i give you my highest apreciation, i will give you bonus and something in the package. for those who asked refund and not yet get the refund, i will do refund you as soon as possible. i think this is the end of this very first video in my channel,

in the next video i will upload the production footage. i apologize of all the shipment delay, i know you're very stressed that you have paid not a little money, and still got nothing in return. i do too, because i also have paid the cnc machine, and got a garbage machine. i hope you'll understand a little about the problem i got this past 5 months. i hope you will enjoy the hidden blades that i start shipped tomorrow.

have a nice day!"


Here's a test for its grafity defiation (in slow motion):

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