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All Metal Dual Action Asassin's Creed Themed Hidden Blade, anyone?!

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Hi all, Welcome to our new quarters, The Masyaf.

First of all, I'm Ryan the designer of RyanzeDesign and owner of this website.

Short introduction about website: The Masyaf website is your one stop alternative solution for Assassin's Creed fans. Here we will provide you our best quality Assassin's Creed related products those are not even being sold in official Ubiso*t stores, such as Metal Hidden Blades, Robe replica, or even accessories and appareals.


It's been a really long time I'm not quite active in publishing a new item to be sold. Since I arrive on ebay (check out my Ebay Store) in 2014 September, I've sold more than a thousand units of All Metal Single Action Hidden Blade from more than 400 transactions over the world (USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many other countries)

Since then, so many people love my handmade all metal single action hidden blades. Up until now, I even able maintain to be a Top Rated Seller in ebay with 100% Positive Feedback! So much positive energy spread around me. Thanks to all buyers, followers, and supporters. Without you, I've never stand a chance to be here try to innovate everyday to bring you the best of our craftmanships.


People keep asking me about Dual Action Hidden Blades. Some of you maybe have known (some more not) that i've already succeeded to make a 3D printed dual action hidden blade (based on imdeepainrebo*n and ammn*a) back in 2015 June. Here's the footage:

It's actually ready to mass produce, but it hasn't. The reason? I don't like plastic things.

Some of my buyers and followers also agreed with my opinion then asked me to make a metal ones. I've told them that I've planned it, but i just still don't have that spare time to research it.

So, do you really want the All Metal Dual Action Hidden Blades? Kindly tell me your thoughts.

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