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An Apology


Hello Assassins,

I am deeply sorry for unmaintenance of this site and blog for the past months.

The reasons are:

1. I am struggling with the regulation of Paypal Singapore to complete their requirements of having paypal account for the past 2 months! And even until now I can't access my paypal funds.

2. As I can't access my Paypal Funds for the past 2 months, I couldn't continue develop the Dual Action Hidden Blade that has been long anticipated by yours fellow Assassins.

So, I had to do action as follow:

1. Refund all the funds from payments/transactions from late May until this day.

2. Change my paypal address.

I see many of you have been dissapointed in me because of theese issues. So I offer you to try again the payment through my new paypal address starting today, 2016/07/29.

Hope you understand. I am sorry. Have a nice day!


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