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Final Status for First Wave of Metal Dual Action Hidden Blade Pre-Order


Hello Pals,

I apologise for not giving any updates for the past 2 weeks. I was sick and need some day off from production. And as soon as I recover I continue the production. But that should not be an excuse for me, I know.

The second reason is I found out there're some miscalculation of some parts of the hidden blades that makes the hidden blade suffering performance issue, the mechanical system don't run as well as expected and I don't want to ship any items that maybe suffering some issue after being in your hand and that would dissapoint you even further. So I decided to discontinue the current model and design, then I am now recalculating all the parts to maximum the dual action mechanism performance.

All in all, this is my fault that make the model become unusable for now and I don't want to send you untested and unreliable product. So, I don't think it's acceptable to make you wait longer, I will give all of you who have pre ordered my hidden blade design a full refund. Full refund will be given after Feb 1st as i get my payment on that date, so please be patient. I don't try to scam you or anything, I really want to keep my good reputation as I build on ebay the past year, so don't worry, you'll get your money back.

For now, I am continuing to redesign the hidden blade, as I don't really know how long it will take to redesign, it could take a short time or even longer time as there will be a lot of try and errors. And I would like to thank you who have support me in the past month to make it happen. As a thankful, I will give you coupon code via email after I refund your money back. The coupon code will be useful if after I start selling a ready stock dual action hidden blade, you'll be able to get a special discount price for them, but ofcourse I don't see it would be as cheap as pre order price.

I hope you understand and accept my apologise. Thank you for your support, you can expect the refund after Feb 1st. Have a nice weekend!

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