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[Progress Update #2] Dual Action Metal Hidden Blade by RyanzeDesign

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Hi Again!

Firstly, I apologise for making a long time to update the progress. The CNC maker takes longer time than it should to bring me the CNC machine. But fortunately, it's still on the track as I also spare some time if the machine delayed. So, don't worry, the release date is still on January 7th.

I've fully testing the CNC machine and its performance looks amazing, check this one out:

and here's the result:

So far, I am satisfied with the CNC machine and really confident to start mass produce of the hidden blades!

For now i still have task to complete before mass producing, that's make a working sample. If there's no big problem, i will upload the working sample video on Jan 1st.

That's from me for now, have a nice holiday Pals!

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