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[Progress Update #3] Dual Action Metal Hidden Blade by RyanzeDesign

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Hello Assassins,

Firstly, I apologize for very slow in giving updates.

Secondly, I apologize again for giving you not a good news about mass production progress of dual action hidden blades. In other words, I failed to make it on time to release the blade on January 7th.

Everything has reasons, so do I. As you can read in this post, I said that I was satisfied with what the machine can do. But sadly, I then find the truth that this machine was not ready for mass production as it gets really hot if works in continously hours without a proper cooling system, and it also endanger my tools to break (up until now it has broken 7 tools, which is not cheap). So I ask the technician to upgrade my CNC machine to be mass production ready. They pull the machine back to their workship on December 30th and upgrade it. I really expect it would finish fast as it only "upgrade" not build from base. But it takes longer than expected, the last week I spent to come and back to their workshop to fasten the upgrade process (this is also reason why I was so slow in giving updates). No luck, i just received my machine back yesterday January 7th. I know, it's really stressful for me as I promised you guys to release the hidden blade on 7th, and it's also stressful for you guys because I know most of you expect to receive the blade as soon as possible if it's shipped on date 7th.

In the end, excuse just excuse, it's my fault that I don't get the machine strighly mass production ready since begining.

However, take a look at my upgraded machine now:

Here they are the results:

making the housing of hidden blade is the hardest task to handle for the CNC machine, if it's successfully made, the rest parts are following.

This is not a final product, only doing for testing and not even being finished. But, it comes out satisfying.

Here are some other photos:

You could expect to watch the final working product on Sunday, January 10th.


So, how is my target time now? I expect to release ready stock units on 17th. And some of pre-orderers's items will be shipped earlier or maximum at 17th too.

I also offering pre-orderers who don't want to wait more a refund. You can email me here and request me a refund.

BUT, I also don't come with empty hand for you who are willing to wait a little more, I will give you a "Coupon Code Card worth US $150 to be used on February purchase" for every single piece hidden blade you've pre ordered. This is as an apologize for not meeting the goal to release the blades at 7th.


First batch pre order is now officially closed.

For you who want to cancel because I can't meet the goal to release the hidden blade on 7th, you can still buy ready stock items start on January 17th on normal price.

I am sorry for this delay and hope you are still with me.

Have a nice day!

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