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Shipping, Bad News, and Good News


Happy New Year Assassins!

Up until today almost 60% orders have been ready and some had been shipped too.

For your information who has received tracking no. but still can't track it, don't worry. The post office suffers overload since christmas, it happens in all country and you can check yourself in your country's post office.

They said a lot schedules are missing, but don't worry your package is safe, only schedule is randomly pushed back. it will be normal after a week from new year. So if you still can't track your tracking no. up until 8th january, please contact me i will try to resolve my best.

That's one of the bad news, and there's once more of a bad news. My cnc machine need to be tuned up, it's not taking a long time, about 3 days, but also means your orders (who still don't receive tracking no.) will be pushed back 3 days too. that's an estimated, so expect it to receive tracking no. in 17th day at most.

BUT, there's also good news, I purchase new CNC machine to boost production speed and quantity. it still in working as cnc machine is not a ready unit, it made by order too to match my need of the speed and material used. so in next month i can double, even triple the production quantity. so the pushed back schedule also might not happen. finger crossed.

I hope you all understand the situation, i try my best to keep up with the schedule, but if anyone can't wait a little longer please contact me if you want a refund, i am not keeping your fund for no reason.

all in all, I wish you a good next year and Happy new Year!

Have a nice day!

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