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Good Night Assassins,

For you who are curious of how much latest design has been implemented in real product, here's the update.

My computer hardisk was broken so i was working to install all the software and calibrating the machine for one long time because I didn't backup the configuration. But all is working fine now.

The Second problem is I am running out the 2mm and 1mm flat endmills that used in many important details of this hidden blade. No secret that hidden blade contain many parts that need extra details in milimeters. Good news is the tools i've been ordered will be arived today as it's a rare item in my city even country.

So what i've been doing these days?! Here they are:

The design that I submitted to you in the blog post before has somthing that really concern me so much! Yes, the blade will only shows less than 5.51 inches of its body. It's not only dissapoint me, but it may dissapoint you too.

So while I am waiting for my machine and tools all ready to set, I redesign to get better and longer blade's body to show when it's released.

So I made it to:

more than 6.3 inches!

This is quite interesting. I am set to start machining this design by tomorrow. I want to present it to you, Assassins, as soon as possible.

Hope you'll like it!


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