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I am so excited today.

The final design has been completed! I am sorry guys, i couldn't make it as thin as 1 cm. But anyway, i manage to make it less then 2 cm thickness. It should still comfortable to use.

Also, every tools and material has been collected!

So, what's so intereresting?! I will have 3 types of the blade part only:

  1. Aluminium: Lightest, but also means weakest. It meant to be used for cosplay or collection only.
  2. Stainless: Medium weight, but it has strength. It can be sharpen to show off as real blade.
  3. Brass: Weight, and also strong. It's beautiful just like gold. It can be sharpen and being a precious collection.

Can't you wait to see it in live action? Me too! Give me some more days to finish it and publish the video of it!

Stay Tune,


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