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WEB is up and running again.


Sorry for the latest maintenance. It was a mess. Some of buyers datas and purchase details were missing that force me to refund some purchasements before.

For you whom i refunded and still want to purchase my items, please re-purchase.

And also for you who before bought the stainless or brass blade type for Dual Action metal hidden blade. I'm sorry to say that it couldn't be done for these time around. i need to upgrade the machine and technique in casting those hard materials. But it's not impossible, so I will make sure in 2017 to make it available to purchase separately for you who want real blade materials. 

For now around, every dual action hidden blade will have aluminium type of blade. How strong is it? it has good grade of strenght, you can easily stab or penetrate even a thick cardboard, if any case you want to show off in front of your friends.

Happy shopping and have a nice day!

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