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Weekly Update #2 | 2017 Jan


Hi Assassins around the world,

We just past the second week of the 2017 Jan. And I commit, starting from this week, to post weekly updates in this blog to report any news or anything to you all fellow assassins. weekly updates will be available on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday every week.

  • Okay, here's some updates for you for this past two weeks.So many customers ask me on how much the progress of their orders of Dual Action Hidden blades has gone. Some also ask the shipment and why there's no update on the shipment even their purchase has passed more than 2 weeks, even some of them also past 3 weeks without any confirmation from me. Okay, i will try to explain.
    1. I am sorry for being kind of not cooperative for this past two weeks. It's due to what i had told you 2 weeks ago about my machine that need some tune up. I had told you it only takes 3 days, but in reality, the condition is much worse, it's not only need a tune up, but some parts are broken too.

    2. It's started 2 weeks ago when the machine turned out to make not precise parts, even 1 mm miss could affect the durability and function for dual action hidden blade. So i tell the machine engineer to fix, they tell me it may only takes 3 days and a simple tune up. So, i update you that the machine will be tuned up for 3 days, and the orders guarantee from 14 days will be pushed back to 17 days. here's the video of the broken motor's support:
    3. The bad news is this part also out of stock in my town and need to be restocked from overseas.

    4. Ofcourse it bothers me alot since i promised you guys on maximum 14 days working/waiting time until it shipped. So i directly ordered 2 new machines that day, and they tell me only need 7 days of working for the new machine to be ready. ta daa... they missed it again, up until today none of new my machine is ready. they need more time because some issue in shipping cnc machine parts from overseas that takes longer than it expected. here's where i repair my cnc machine, and order more cnc machines to boost the production quantity:
  • So, what have i done this past two weeks? here's the progress.
    1. Since i can't work the hidden blade, and new machines will come, i prepare my workshop by enlarging it.
    2. and also indoor workshop which is insulated for 24 hours non stop working machine. it also will boost productivity and speed of quantity. here's the video:

      here's some snapshots:

    3. repairing the design so it will be slimmer and slicker.
  • Some news also come from shipment before new year, some of the shipment have been delivered, some others returned by the customs in buyer countries. The reason almost the same, it recognized as forbidden item to enter the country as it's include knife category. I will contact the buyer whose blade is returned to me and try to resolve.
    For the next shipment, the blade tip will be rounded so it won't have problem with customs.
  • The last thing i want to tell you in this update is about your pending orders. i have nothing to say but apologize to you whose orders have past more than 14 days but still not being shipped. I have an offer for you who are willing to continue wait until the machines all ready to produce more hidden blades. I will offer a voucher card with a coupon code on it like this below on a term:

    1. for those whose orders have past 14 days up to 21 days, the coupon code is 10% extra discount for next purchase from themasyaf.com. the voucher card will be included in the shipment.
    2. for those whose orders have past 21 days up to 28 days, the coupon code is 20% extra discount for next purchase from themasyaf.com. the voucher card will be included in the shipment.
    3. for those whose orders have past 28 days or more, i will cancel the order, refund your money full, and give you digital coupon code by email for extra 20% discount for next purchase from themasyaf.com
    4. anyway, option no.4, you can always cancel your order if you are not willing to wait more than 14 days after order placed and i will refund your money full.

That's all i could report in this weekly updates. I am so sorry if there's any missed email i haven't replied, beside i am so busy preparing my workshop for new machines, there're also many question and request on my emails. will try to answer all, and please re email me if your email hasn't answered more than 2x24 hours.

Have a nice day, Assassins!


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