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Weekly Update #3 | 2017 Jan



This post is summarizing third week progress in themasyaf.com

Update #1: Machines progress

  • The machine fix is not finished yet, some parts are being late because the customs held it for some times. But it has been cleared now. Here's the proof of it being held by the customs:
  • The new machines is almost finished, unfortunately some of its parts also in the same package with that held by customs package. Here's the work progress of the machine:
  • With no machine working up until today, surely we can't produce any dual action hidden blades. one machine is projected to be working tomorrow, let's see if i can start working it tomorrow or two.

Update #2: Compensation of late shipment.

  • As we've mentioned last week. I have commited to bring you the best service (include working and shipping time) and if i couldn't there will be compensation.
  • Those were also some returned package by customs, i will take that as missed shipment target too. So, they are also eliglible for refund and discount coupon code.
  • For those who had past 28 days of shipment (or those whose orders had returned to us), please check your email and paypal account if the refund has reached you. I give you virtual coupon code on the message that you can use to get 20% discount if you're willing to repurchase.
  • If your order has past 28 days and haven't receive any refund from us, please contact us so we can proceed ASAP.

I am sorry for all the late shipment and working time. I want to give you the best service, hope this week all 3 machines will work perfectly so we can boost production.

Have a nice day!


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